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Powerful Insights | Optimized Financing

SolRates' online software platform is the easiest way for installers and developers to create compelling finance proposals for their business customers. With access to our preferred lenders, you can quickly show the combined economics of specialized financing with solar, EV chargers, and/or energy storage. Over 600 installers use SolRates for their business customers. So why wait? Get started today and see the benefits of SolRates for yourself!

Easily Model:

- Estimated energy savings impacts over time
- Estimated tax benefits and impacts over time
- Estimated ownership costs over time
- Project cash flows
- Specialized financing from our preferred lenders


Turn complex modeling into a few simple inputs and a button click


SolRates uses SSL and 256-bit AES encryption


Analyze and compare multiple scenarios to identify the best overall solution

Financing Types

Funding structures that suit your needs

Keep the tax benefits

In a Solar Loan, the host customer owns the solar energy system from the start.  This means the host receives all tax credits and incentives, and the lender receives financing payments.

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Offload the tax benefits

In a Solar Lease, the lessor (typically a bank) owns the solar equipment and receives all tax credits and incentives in addition to lease payments from the customer.  These usually have a buyout clause at the end of seven years.

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How It Works

Add Your Team

Create accounts for your sales team on SolRates' online platform. Setup is a breeze, and we'll help you along the way.

Add Projects

Once you've set up your accounts, you and your team members can easily add your commercial projects to the platform.

Create Proposals

SolRates automatically evaluates project factors to model the best financing options from our preferred lenders.

SolRates is a commercial software vendor to solar, ev charger, and energy storage installers. As a value add to our customer base, SolRates also provides commercial finance brokerage services. For projects under $500,000 in California, New York, and Utah; we charge a flat brokerage services fee of $29.00. These services include simplifying the credit application process through a single simple application, introducing and structuring financings between businesses and our preferred lenders based on the specific equipment to be financed, and assisting the ultimate underwriter with application processing. Customer information presented in the Credit Application form will be shared with SolRates' select preferred lenders to generate a specific commercial financing offer to the Customer. Typically, SolRates only submits each Credit Application to the preferred lender that we believe is the best fit, but in the event of a decline, we may submit the Credit Application to our other preferred lender(s).

Project Types

Our sweet spots

Commercial: Small, Medium, & Large

From small standalone PV systems to large multi-site customer solar installations, SolRates makes it easy to understand the value of going solar with financing tailored to your commercial project. With specialized financing options from our preferred lenders, we offer attractive financing on projects from $20K to $10M.

Note: For projects over $250k, installers must have at least three years in business and three interconnected commercial solar projects to qualify for a SolRates account.

Regulatory Disclosure: Loans, equipment finance agreements, and capital leases for all projects in California and Utah, as well as financings of $50,000 or less in New York, are funded exclusively by our preferred lenders that are chartered banks or other depository institutions.